Photo by Jean Renard

Leah Hanna King is the voice that soothes our hearts and souls.  Forged through years of writing, perfecting and toiling, her songs cut through the fluff and into the center of your being.  A perfectionist with her words, she writes from her life experiences as well as light-hearted fictions.  Her sound is uncomplicated and organic, drawing from an acoustic palette of timeless instrumentation.
Born and raised in Beverly Hills/Hollywood/Los Angeles, one of the musical mekkas of the world and daughter to brilliant songwriters and musicians, her father William King (The Commodores) and her mother Shirley Hanna King (Grammy-Nominanted lyricist of “Brickhouse”, “Lady, You Bring Me Up” and more) she has the gift of song in her blood.  This same blood also flows in her brother Noah King, rapper/singer whom with she has collaborated and released music with in Japan in 2011.
Leah has been performing and busking for years at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, honing her performance skills like so many before her on the cold hard streets to all who pass by, selling her bedroom demo’s accumulated over the years. As a firm believer in the necessity of human empowerment, she has enjoyed performing at showcases such as, "Wonder Women LA" (2014), "New Earth Expressions" (2015), "LoveStock" (2013), "Inspired Women of Los Angeles" (2014), and many many more performances including "The Soul Train Awards" (2014) singing backgrounds for soul/pop artist, Aloe Blacc and appearing at countless venues throughout LA from Ghengis Cohen, Room 5, The Pig N’Whistle, O’Brien’s to The Largo in San Diego. During the fall of 2014, Leah was part of the "Grand Life Acoustic Tour", a trio of independent singer/songwriter females crooning the west coast of America for 3 ½ weeks. There were about 15 show dates, she believes.
However, the proudest moment of her career thus far occurred in July of 2015, when she performed her original song, "Miracle" with husband and guitarist Joel Van Dijk, at The Dalai Lama's 80th birthday party!!!! It was a huge honor to be asked to participate: it validated her whole Being and made her feel like she was on the right track. 
Leah has also been featured in “ADDitude” Magizine in both their print and online publications for her song “High on Adderall” and featured on the blog, “Self-Actualization Through Women’s Empowerment” for performing her a’capella rendition of  “What it Feels like For a Girl”, by Madonna, as well as part of the soundtrack for indie film, “Leaving Limbo” released in 2011. Leah's voice can also be heard on the background tracks for The Commodores live shows. 
Today, she has recently finished her first ‘official’ album and it’s called "Letting Go" because it’s taken her a long time to do so (produced by Joel Van Dijk). Preparations for a release are underway and a party/performance is tentatively scheduled for May 6th, 2016.
Leah is also part of Joel Van Dijk's SPECIAL FORCE musical project and singing the hook on a new song to be released by artist, Nieve, called, "Why Don't We?". Music video creation is underway for both of these projects as well as one for a song called “Apathy” off of her own album. 
Photography by: Neaz